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Electronic Balances

Electronic balances or laboratory scales for precision weighing requirements. Electronic balances are low cost and designed to be moved. Precision balances are for Laboratory and QC use where high accuracy is required. Analytical balances are required for a readability of 0.1mg or better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Electronic balances, as opposed to manual scales, provide highly accurate digital results based on load cell readings. Applications for electronic balances include scientific and pharmaceutical research, food and drink production, precise engineering and countless other industrial and commercial processes.

Capacities vary across our electronic balance range up to and including 12,000g. However, a typical range is between 150g to 6,000g. You can browse the entire range here.

The readability of electronic balances refers to the smallest increment or division that can be accurately measured and displayed. This indicates the precision and sensitivity of the equipment. Readability is also sometimes referred to as resolution or division size.

Electronic or digital balances are typically significantly more accurate than manual alternatives. Built with precision, they can provide accurate and reliable results time after time. Ask our sales team about your requirements and we can ensure you get the best product.

Calibration certificates provide documented evidence that an electronic balance has been tested and adjusted against known standards, verifying its precision and reliability. They are often required as part of an organisation's quality procedures. Our service teams can help with any questions you have regarding certifying our products.

Re-calibration periods will vary depending on how and where an electronic balance is being used. We do, however, normally recommend they are calibrated annually as a minimum. Speak to our service teams should you have any questions.

Yes. If you are trading based on weight, any electronic balances you operate may require Trade Approvals alongside calibration to ensure fairness and accuracy. Trade Approval types and certification varies from industry to industry so it is best to contact our sales team to find what works best for you.

Power requirements vary across our range. You can choose electronic balances with AC adaptors, internal rechargeable batteries or countless other options. Contact our sales teams if you have any questions about installing or operating our balances.

We provide an incredibly broad range of electronic balances with prices that vary from under £20 for general electronic scales to £10,000 for highly accurate, specialist precision equipment.

Our electronic balances can typically be delivered to your premises within 3-7 days depending on the make and model. Contact our sales team for more information.

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