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Analytical Lab Balances

Analytical balances are very accurate with a readability of 0.1mg, 0.01mg or 0.001mg. We recommend the Ohaus Pioneer and A&D HR-A balances if you are looking for an analytical balance that provides the best price performance ratio. For high end applications, the A&D BM analytical balances have excellent weighing performance, an anti-static chamber and models with a 0.001mg resolution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Electronic analytical balances are highly sensitive measuring instruments designed to measure mass precisely and detect fine increments. They have many uses in science and engineering.

Typical capacities of our electronic analytical balances vary from 10g to 500g. Accuracy can reach an incredible 0.001mg. You can browse the entire range here.

Readability refers to the smallest unit displayed by your analytical balance. For our Electronic Analytical Balances, this may be as low as 0.000001g. This makes our analytical balances ideal for science, research and other high-end applications.

Electronic analytical balances exhibit exceptional accuracy by employing advanced technology such as electromagnetic force compensation or monolithic weigh cell designs. You can count on their precise measurements and fine increments to minimise uncertainties and enable precise weighing in laboratory and analytical applications. Talk to our team about choosing the right equipment for your requirement.

A calibration certificate proves electronic analytical balances maintain accuracy within their published limits. If you work in an ISO quality-accredited environment, it may be that calibration certification is mandated. Our service teams can help you with certified products and certification services.

Electronic analytical balances vary a great deal in terms of use and application so recertification periods differ. However, we recommend that equipment is calibrated annually as a minimum. Speak to our service teams should you have any questions.

Businesses buying or selling by weight may need to gain Trade Approval for their electronic analytical balances as well as any collaboration certification. This ensures fairness and accuracy of any transactions and can be of great importance in the case of precious metal for example. Our team can help you explore the right level of Trade Approval for your requirement.

Electronic analytical balances are available with AC adaptors, traditional batteries or internal rechargeable batteries. Our range gives you plenty of options. Contact our sales teams if you have any questions about installing and using our equipment.

Electronic Analytical balance prices vary from a few hundred pounds to over £10,000 depending on the equipment's complexity and accuracy. Talk to our sales team about your requirements.

Our electronic analytical balances can normally be delivered in the UK within 3-7 days. Some complex equipment may take longer. Contact our sales team for more information.

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