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Calibration / Testing Weights

Discover our comprehensive range of calibration and testing weights meticulously crafted for precise measurements. From stainless steel to brass, our calibration weights ensure the accuracy of your weighing equipment. Whether for laboratory, industrial, or precision use, trust us for quality and reliability in every calibration weight

Frequently Asked Questions

Calibration Weights are typically a set of known weights used to check readings of weighing equipment, balances and scales for accuracy. Calibration Weights are available in a wide range of types and classes.

Calibration is necessary because weighing equipment accuracy can diminish over time and through routine use. By using a set of calibration weights, you can monitor your equipment’s performance. It is vital to choose the right set of weights for your equipment. If in doubt, contact our team who can advise you of the right size and class of weights.

By placing the right calibration weight on your balance or scale, you can compare a fixed known weight with the weight displayed. Any discrepancy means your weighing equipment is no longer accurate and needs adjustment, repair or replacement.

Our calibration weights vary considerably in price from £500-£1,000 to over £7,000 depending on their type and application. Contact our sales teams, however, for more detail and advice on calibration and our products and services.

The majority of our weighing indicators can be shipped to your premises in 3-7 days. Our sales teams can provide more details.

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