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Portable Scales

Portable scales are essential tools for businesses requiring accurate weight measurements in a variety of locations. Designed for mobility, these scales offer flexibility for industries and market sectors from food processing and pharmaceutical to shipping and manufacturing. Available in a range of sizes and capacities, portable scales feature durable construction and precision technology. They ensure reliable measurements in laboratory, factory, warehousing and retail environments. Talk to us about your portable scale requirements, we are always delighted to help. The prices we offer are very competitive but if you find a lower price, please feel free to talk to our sales team who will do their best to match or beat it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Portable scales are lightweight weighing devices designed to be moved from location to location within or between workplaces.

Capacities across our portable scale range vary depending on the application but can reach as high as 12,000g. Every size and type of load is, however, catered for. Talk to our sales team about your requirements.

Readability is the term used to describe the smallest weight increments our crane and hanging scales can display. It indicates the precision with which load weights are shown. This generally varies from 0.01g up to 1g but talk to our team for advice on what will work best for you.

Our range of portable scales is amongst the industries’ most accurate with high levels of precision and reliability. You can be entirely confident in the results. Whatever your requirements, our sales team can advise you on the right option.

Portable scales with certified calibration are guaranteed to be operating within their specification and provide accurate measurements. Uncertified check weighing scales risk inaccuracy and costly errors.

Recalibration periods for portable scales will vary depending on their role and operating environment. We recommend recalibration of equipment annually as a minimum. Our sales team will be able to answer any specific calibration questions you may have.

Organisations that buy or sell material by weight normally need their final check weighing scales to be marked as Trade Approved. This is separate from calibration certification and records accuracy in the interests of commercial transparency. Contact our sales team for advice on the various types and classes of Trade Approval available for portable scales.

Portable scales have a variety of power requirements from 100-250V DC power and AC mains power to traditional and internal batteries. Our sales team can answer any questions you may have about installing our equipment.

Portable scale costs vary from under a hundred pounds to over £600. The answer will depend on the performance, features and specifications you are looking for. Ask our sales team for more information.

We can normally deliver portable scales in 3-7 days. Some larger and more complex models may take more time. Contact our sales team for more details..

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