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Stainless Steel Pallet Scales

Platform scales are waterproof heavy duty industrial weighing scales ideal for weighing large and heavy objects. Industrial platform scales are durable & reliable and can be utilised in a range of industrial settings. We stock a wide range of manufacturers at competitive prices and all are full calibrated.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Waterproof platform scales are key to a significant proportion of the logistics and distribution industries. Waterproof Platform Scales ensure heavy and industrial items are accurately recorded throughout packing, despatch, transportation and delivery without letting water or moisture interrupt the process. Our waterproof range includes stand-alone units and integrated truck options.

The capacity of our Waterproof Platform Scales ranges by the manufacturer, you can check out the full range above and enquire directly for competitive pricing on all of our weighing scales.

Readability refers to the smallest weight increments displayed by our Waterproof Platform Scales. It indicates the precision with which weight can be recorded and varies depending on range. Talk to our team for advice on what will work best for you.

With high precision sensors and calibration capabilities, our range of Waterproof Platform Scales bring high levels of accuracy and reliability whatever the conditions. Let us know your requirements, and our sales team and advise you on the right option.

Certified calibration typically forms part of an organisation's quality processes and accreditations. It proves any Platform Scales, waterproof or otherwise, are operating within their specification and providing accurate measurements. Inaccurate uncertified equipment risks error and inaccuracy.

Re-certification periods for Waterproof Platform Scales will vary depending on their application and operating environment. We recommend recalibration of all equipment, however, once a year as a minimum. Our sales team will be able to answer any specific calibration questions you may have.

Organisations that transact by weight normally need their weighing equipment to be approved for trade. This is separate from calibration certification and ensures accuracy and fairness. Our sales team can provide advice on the various types and classes of Trade Approval relevant to Waterproof Platform Scales.

Our Platform Scales have a variety of power requirements from AC mains power through 100-250V DC power to internal rechargeable batteries. Our sales team can answer any questions you have on the installation of our equipment.

Platform Scales costs vary from around £500 to over £10,000 depending on the features and specifications you require. Ask our sales team for more information.

We can normally deliver Waterproof Platform Scales in 5-7 days however larger and more complex options may take longer. Contact our sales team for more details.

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