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106132 – Dini Argeo CW90 15 kg x 5g Food Industry IP69K Stainless Steel Food Industry Scale

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Designed For Use In Contact With Food And Is Fully Compliant

CW90X is a scale designed for use in contact with food and is fully compliant to the hygiene requirements recognized by NSF. Its stainless-steel costruction and the IP69K protection rating allow for the complete sanitation of the scale by using high-temperature/high-pressure water jets. The weight indicator offers unique features, such as the no mechanical wear and tear piezoelectric keypad, designed to last over time, even in the harshest environments.

· NSF certified product for food environments
· AISI 304 stainless steel construction and indicator (AISI 316 upon request)
· IP69K protection rating which allows the scale to be thoroughly sanitized by using high-temperature/high-pressure water jets
· Underplate structure easy to inspect and sanitize, designed to prevent the accumulation of water and dirt residues
· Load plate suitable for use in contact with food; dimensions: see table
· Fully-welded IP69K stainless steel load cell, specific for use in wet environments, OIML approved
· Non-slip feet for environments with strict hygienic requirements
· Fully inspectable and washable column
· Extremely solid, made of very thick stainless steel sheets
· Equipped with 5 overload stops

High-end Weight Indicator:
· IP69K-certified weight indicator
· Adjustable tilting
· Special piezoelectric keypad extremely easy to clean, designed to last long in the food industry
· Bright red LED display with adjustable contrast to ensure optimal weight display even at low temperatures and in poor light conditions
· Weight control function via integrated traffic light or bargraph to adjust the weight (also external via output)
· Extremely easy to program thanks to the dedicated keys to enter the target weight and control thresholds
· Gore®PreVent® breather vent with GORE-TEX®

· +/- weight control with target and programmable thresholds via direct keys
· 3 available weight control modes:
– “range” mode: the tolerance range is given by entering a minimum and a maximum weight (e.g. 900 to 1100 g)
– “target” mode: the tolerance range is given by entering a target and two control thresholds (e.g. 1000 ± 100 g; 900 +30/-10 g)
– “target %” mode: as target mode, but the weights are expressed in percentage (e.g. 2000 ± 5 %; 750 +3%/-2%)
· Negative weight control for unloading weighing operations
· Totalization (via external keys)
· 50 quick recall memories archive, expandable up to 10000 using the WeighVault PC program

IP Rated: IP69K

Applications: Weighing, Checkweighing

Weighing Units: kg, g, lb, oz, lb:oz

Power Supply: Main Adaptor, 115/240v, 50/60Hz

mpn: 106132

Plate Size: 305 mm x 305 mm x108 mm




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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for answers to frequently asked questions.

A calibration certificate proves the accuracy of your weighing equipment. It is very likely that if accuracy matters in your workplace, certification will be required by your industry regulators. They are straightforward to get hold of though. Just ask our team.

If you are trading or transacting anything by weight, you will probably need to demonstrate your weighing equipment is verified for trade use. This gives your customers confidence in your business and will make sure buying and selling run smoothly. We can help get you with relevant approvals for your equipment.

The answer will vary depending on how your equipment is used. As a minimum, we typically recommend once a year but our team can provide advice based on your individual circumstances.

The International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML) has established standards for the classification of calibration test weights. Varying from E0 & E1, which are the most accurate to M2 which are commonly used for calibrating platform scales, floor scales and other industrial weighing instruments.

As a rough guide we have listed desired accuracy against class below.

+/- 0.1% – UNclassed Proof Load Test Weights
+/- 0.05% – M3 (Check/calibrate coarse scales)
+/- 0.005% – M1 (Check/calibrate standard scales)
+/- 0.0015% – F2 (Check/calibrate portable balances)
+/- 0.0005% – F1 (Check/calibrate precision balances)
+/- 0.00015% – E2 (Check/calibrate analytical balances)

The choice of weight class depends on the intended use and the level of accuracy required for a particular application. If you’re unsure, talk to our team who can advise you on the right class for your equipment.

If you’re sending a scale back to us for recalibration, it is ideal to use the original packaging. If this is not available choose a sturdy well-padded box to avoid shocks. Where possible, protect the load sensor by removing the weighing pan and any under-pan support and pack these separately in the box. You may be able to use the equipment’s locking pins or screws too.

Do ensure all the paperwork, including your contact details, is included to ensure we can return it once calibration is complete.

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